I am a self taught artist living in a Colorado.  I fully believe our faith and thoughts create our lives.

I have loved creating art as long I can remember.  I would pass many hours drawing inspiration from the Sunday comics and from Sunday cartoons.  Odie and Taz the Tasmanian Devil were my go to characters.  I even won a coloring contest!

Sadly I dropped art when I went to college because I did not believe I could make a living creating art.  The need to create would not let up.  I became sick and depressed. Thankfully, I came back to art.  I found peace and joy while I was creating.  Through finding many supportive online art communities I began developing my voice as an artist.   During this time I also began a very rewarding spiritual practice that helped me to flip all my beliefs on their head.  I turned every negative belief into a positive and began believing in my dreams.

The moment I began chasing my joy many wonderful experiences became a part of my life.  When you follow your bliss as Joesph Campbell says, doors suddenly open where there were none.  I have experienced this first hand!  I am a huge proponent of believing in and following your hearts calling. I believe we are here to live a life of joy and love!  

Through much prayer, gratitude and blessings from the Lord I now find myself living a dream come true!  Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!